Want to know how we can help your sport, league or club to grow its fanbase? Here’s more detail on what we can do for you. 

Quick Wins

Getting more fans to attend is a combination of awareness and the actual experience. In the short term, making sure that they know what is taking place, the relevant information and the benefits of attending will make a significant difference. The experience will help to get them there too - making it about more than the game itself - and help to ensure they keep coming back.

Long Term Solutions

For longer-term attendance growth, a strategic approach is necessary. One size doesn't fit all so fully understanding the various types of visitor and preparing bespoke plans to attract them is important, as is utilising all of the available channels such as the media, digital and social platforms and word of mouth. Engagement, communication and feedback are crucial.


To help you focus on key areas for improvement, we’ve created a two-stage assessment process. Firstly, a self-assessment to identify key areas to focus on, followed by a detailed analysis with one of our consultants after which you'll receive a detailed summary report including recommendations as well as benchmarking your responses against other clubs.

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